Maira Khan!

By: Sarym Ahmed

Here we proudly present an exclusive interview with someone who has a lot on her plate! India, Television and Films, Maira Khan gears up to get Fizzzzzy!!!


Q.1 What are your upcoming Projects and future plans?
A: My upcoming projects include a horror film called Khawaab-Aik Haqeeqat, a Club Song for a Pakistani film, I’m also auditioning in India, dping a cpuple of commercials and of course ROTW. In future I plan to assist a couple of films once I’m done with acting and soon afterwards I want to become a filmmaker!

Q.2 How was your experience with Chambaili and do you agree with the message it was trying to convey?
A: I do yes that’s the reason I took up the project. By then hen Chambaili was released no films were being made and I totally loved working in it! We didn’t take it as a film, we wanted to convey the message and I think we did try to convey it to a certain extend and we got amazing feedback locally and internationally. For me it was a beautiful experience!

Q.3 Who are your favorite co-stars and working in which project has been your best experience?
A: My co-stars, I guess I’m comfortable with everyone and I’m in the industry for quite long and I think everyone have been doing their part perfectly. Project I guess I’ve always been a fan of horror films, when I was young I watched them and imagined to work in one of them one day, so when I was offered it I was really excited. I think Khawaab up till now has been the best!

Q.4 Tell us about ROTW and your character in it?
A: It’s basically based on true stories. Shabana was brutally killed in 2009 when the terrorists attacked Sawat. Her death was in the media and everything, my experience was basically heart-breaking when I got to know that this could actually happen, I got involved in the character so much and I guess it’s an eye opener for me and the public! I guess I’m proud that Jamal Sb took a bold step. Hoping for the best!

Q.5 As a model who is your favorite designer and male model?
A: I haven’t been modeling much, being a celebrity you always do shoots and stuff. If you ask my favorite designer I think I totally adore Zainab Chottani’s creations! Model I think, Rizwan Jafri as he has come a long way and is really dedicated to his work!

Q.6 Tell us your biography
A: My Mum was an actress and Father was an army officer, so when we moved I used to visit Mum at her shoots and that’s how I started! I kept on doing it and will keep on doing it, acting is all I know!

Q.7 How has Khawaab been for you?
A:  I guess initially I was excited about it and I guess it was such an experience with the darkness, witchy times and creepy locations and it’s like I’m living in a totqlly different world. I think everyone has an evil side, and this is how my evil side comes out which I guess I totally love (laughs)

Q.8 Would you like to say something through the platform of Fizzzzz?
A: I want to say that every child from the coming generation has the responsibility to make the world a better place and I think we want more respect. Be part of Pakistan and I guess we have to be one and stand up together! I think we need more Saryms and more Shoaib Mansoors!

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Shamyl Khan!

By Ahmed Sarym

Shamyl Khan, one of the best heroes of Pakistani Film Industry is coming back to win our hearts with Jamal Shah’s ‘Revenge Of The Worthless’! Previously the rugged looking artist caught eyeballs with his brilliant performance in Syed Noor’s super hit film ‘Larki Punjaban’! Here we exclusively chit chat with him, let’s see what he has his fans waiting for!


Q.1 What are your upcoming projects and future plans?
A: I’m doing a play with Yameen Malik, it’s a project for PTV and then there are a couple of more projects for Hum TV. Then there are 4 projects on air. Sadqay Tumhare on Hum TV, Aag with Jamal Shah, Mahi Rey for PTV and Chahat by Abdullah Qadwani. Films, I’ve only done Revenge Of The Worthless as the situation of the industry was not that good for past many years and I guess I worked in a film after 3 years. And yes I plan come back and do more work, currently just waiting for the response I get with the film …

Q.2 How was your experience with ROTW and tell us about your character in the film
A: I’m playing a character of a film director in the film. It’s perhaps the only soft part of the film, a bit romantic side of me and Maira. As the rest of the film is maar dhaar, guns, firing etc. I really enjoyed doing it, it was shot in Sawat, so you can imagine the beauty we had all around us! It’s basically an ISPR project and I think the Army was very supportive and co-operative and I think they have done a great job making the project. And definitely I’m hoping that my fans like what I’ve done!

Q.3 Who are your favourite co-stars and working in which project has been your best experience?
A: Every project I choose I look into the details, who’s working with me or who is making it, so there’s no particular project. Whatever I do, I do it wholeheartedly! And if you talk about co-stars I think Jamal Shah is a gem of a person; regarding the film otherwise I think everyone’s amazing, everyone I’ve worked with I’ve enjoyed!

Q.4 How was your experience with Larki Punjaban?
A: That was my first film! I was super excited with it and we shot in Malaysia, so I had a great experience. Plus my role was opposite Saima Jee and I feel incredibly lucky that I started my career with a brilliant director, as we all know. So yes, it was one heck of an experience!

Q.5 Who is your inspiration and why?
A: I’d say my father was my inspiration, he passed away last year and I’m so sad about it that I can’t even express my love for him in words. He has been my role model since I was a child and I guess he always will!

Q.6 Would you like to say something through the platform of Fizzzzz?
A: You are doing a great job and I wish you all the best. I hope you go up and up and up! And for my fans I’d say spread love, enjoy each moment of life as you never know what’s next …

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Interviewing Jamal Shah!

By: Ahmed Sarym

Let’s proudly start our Revenge Of The Worthless Special with an exclusive interview with the reason behind the upcoming blockbuster and one of the main leads of the movie, Jamal Shah tell us the inside story …



Q.1 What are your upcoming projects and future plans?
A: My direction debut with a feature film, it is called, Revenge Of The Worthless and Badal in Urdu and Pushto. The film is shot and is in the stage of editing at the moment, probably it will be releasing in March or April and my continuos project is a school where we have events like artist camps where theatre, short films, music, sculpturing and painting takes place, with the youth we work and when they complete we have a grand exhibition so that we could try to lesser intolerance in the society. Other than that on air there is a serial on Play Max called Aag and there are two films one is by Farouq Mengal called Hijrat and another film by Asim Raza!

Q.2 In all the new talents who do you think will have the brightest futures?
A: There are quit a few talented new actors and actresses and I guess all have good futures! I can’t predict who will win an Oscar or who won’t but it is totally dependent on hard work! All the work I’ve seen, I’ve liked. I’ve introduced new actors like Ushna Shah in Aag and I think she will go very far in the industry and new actors in the film as well and I think they are serious about their work and are really talented!

Q.3 Painter, Actor or Filmmaker. Who do you think Jamal Shah is?
A: I’m more of a drifter, I enjoy all of these professions. I’m trained in painting and sculpturing but I started acting and singing before that on PTV, so I can’t compare them, all are different for me in every way!

Q.4 Tell us about Revenge Of The Worthless and it’s main plot
A: It is basically based on 2009 Sawat incident when Taliban had taken over the area, based on a few true events on what happened with people! The purpose of making the film is to re-built and defend what we have lost taake hum aage baren. It was challenging to shoot the film, a lot of hard work was needed with a big cast and crew. It was difficult as we shot at real locations but, I have enjoyed myself and I find myself fortunate to get a team like this!

Q.5 Share your experience with your 2 International Projects, K2 and Traffik
A: Both were amazing for me and I learned a lot from them. Traffik was brilliant with top professionals of every field with everything well organized and I find it as a big achievement for me to work with a team like this and fortunately the show became quit successful with a Hollywood film based on it. K2 was again great for me, we shot on glaciers for almost 2 months with a highly professional team and with actors from different industries, so I learned a lot and it was a mind-blowing experience!

Q.6 How was your experience with Hijrat and what long of character do you play?
A: I play a musician who has a scattered family with his wife running an NGO and he lives in Turkey! Only interested in music and wondering about it and later realizes what he is doing, so it’s very interesting. My scenes were shot in Turkey and I have shot there before as well, it is a beautiful country and the filmmaking there is very good and organized and again it was a great experience!

Q.7 Would you like to say something through the platform of Fizzzzz?
A: Well I would like to wish my fans a happy new year and I would like to see the Pakistani youth to be engaged in life and be serious with it! All the best!


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Farhan Ally Agha!



Q.1 What are your upcoming projects and future plans?
A: I think you can’t plan future or what you will do, specially when you’re in the entertainment industry! This year has started great with the release of GMK and then there is another ISPR film called Maalik coming soon. Then there are also 5-6 serials for PTV, A Plus, Express, Hum TV and 2 for Geo as well, so these are my upcoming projects!

Q.2 How was your experience with GMK and tell us about your character in it?
A: It was a great experience as the technical team was international and it was just like shooting an international film, it was also showcased at different Film Festivals, so there you get recognition internationally, so I have great hopes from it! The character I play is of Fahad, who is client who launched Rafina. There are not too many scenes but the character is prominent, glamorous and it is a sort of a character who speaks for itself!

Q.3 Who are your favorite co-stars and working in which project has been your favorite?
A: I had great chemistry with Sadia Imam and now Ushna Shah as well. Others also have been great, I can’t remember a time I’ve had a problem working with anybody, because I work professionally, so yes everybody have been good and when you talk about the project, in the whole career, I’d say it is yet to come but if considered to what I have done up till now, I’ll have to so Najiah which was for Hum TV and was shot in Mauritius! I had an amazing experience with that!

Q.4 Tell us about Maalik and your character in it?
A: Malik is about the owner ship of the country and that every citizen should own it and take responsibility for it. I am playing an SSG majors role in the movie who is the friend of Ashir Azeem’s character, who is also the director of the film. So I hope my fans like it …

Q.5 As a model, who is your favorite designer and female model?
A: I think the fashion industry is growing faster than any other entertainment industry and I think everyone is talented, in the models I think Vaneeza was always great. Designer, I love HSY and the designer I modeled for recently at the BCW was Nauman Arfeen, so I also liked his creations!

Q.6 Describe yourselfA: I’m precise and that’s been my key to success!

Q.7 Do you plan to work internationally?
A: Yes my project is in the process. It’s an English Canadian movie and it’s still in the process of finalisation. And yes as I said previously you can’t plan the future in the entertainment industry! And as I mentioned before I have great expectations from GMK as it’s been made on an international standard!

Q.8 Would you like to say something through the platform of Fizzzzz?
A: Be presice and that is which has been my key to success as I said previously! And yes I went through your magazine, I think it’s great what you’re doing and I wish you a very best of luck!


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